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The cleaning experts at $1.50 Cleaners offer high-quality dry cleaning and laundry services at six convenient locations throughout the upper Rio Grande Valley. Every item is carefully inspected for any stains or damages. We pre-treat stains to ensure successful removal and then thoroughly clean the garment. After another thorough inspection, each article of clothing is pressed to perfection and ready for pickup.

We can dry clean and launder formal wear, including tuxedos, as well as bedding such as oversized comforters.

We offer next day pickup.

We also offer alteration services.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If a stain happens to make it through our thorough washing and careful inspection, we’ll redo it (original receipt is needed for all re-dos). We are not responsible for beads, sequins, buttons, color loss, or shrinkage.

Clothing must be picked up within 30 days. After that, an item is determined to be abandoned and we are no longer responsible for them.

Please be sure to count your garments before leaving. We are not responsible for items after you leave the premises.


  • Dry clean - $2.80
  • Press only - $1.79
  • Blouses - $3.79
  • Blouses press only - $3.50
  • Columbia and Magallen shirts - $3.75
  • Shirts, light starch - $1.79
  • Shirts, heavy starch - $2.15
  • Shirts, roc starch - $2.15
  • Starch, light pants - $3.50
  • Starch, heavy pants - $3.75
  • Roc starch pants - $3.95

*All prices include tax

Store Policy

  1. All re-do’s for spots need original receipt (no exceptions).
  2. Count clothes before leaving. We are not responsible after you leave.
  3. We are not responsible for beads, sequins, or buttons, color loss, shrinkage, etc.
  4. Signature is needed for comforters and evening dresses, etc.
  5. Not responsible for clothes after 30 days
  6. We do not guarantee starch – we will re-do one time only.
  7. We require payment in advance.

We know how to properly clean and finish all kinds of fabric. We strive to protect your wardrobe investment by keeping your clothes in top-notch condition. We keep your clothing looking good so you can look good!


At $1.50 Cleaners, we've always had a strong commitment to our community and the public servants who protect it. With this in mind, we are proud to announce that we now offer advanced cleaning and inspection as well as advance repairs of bunker gear for our region's firefighters. We have been trained and accredited through lntertek and have our ETL certification. Our new P.P.E. division at $1.50 Cleaners will perform Advanced Inspections, Advanced Cleaning and Decontamination as well as Basic and Advanced Repairs on all manufacturers' turnouts per N.F.P.A. 1851 {2014 Edition). We also provide 1851 compliant FREE record keeping on all ensemble and ensemble elements in order to provide future needs of fire departments more efficiently. Co-owners Felipe and Samuel Avila have both monitored and completed all specifications and requirements of lntertek third party verifications.


  • Advanced Cleaning
  • Advanced Inspection
  • Advanced Repairs
  • Moisture Barrier Repair
  • Hydro-static Testing
  • S.O.P. For Your Organization
  • Evaluation Fit Of Gear
  • Routing Cleaning And Inspection Training
  • Internal And Third Party Audit Support
  • Labeling Of Bunker Gear
  • Local Service For Faster Turn-Around


  1. Clean bunker gear is safe bunker gear.
  2. Hazardous contaminants and biological hazards from incidents and accidents are harmful to the health of firefighters.
  3. Failure to keep protective ensemble clean will increase the risk of death, burns, combustion and diseases.
  4. Dirty gear is more likely to conduct heat and can potentially become flammable.
  5. Reflective trim on gear may not be as visible when dirty.
  6. Clean gear lasts longer. Contaminants not removed from a protective ensemble may be hazardous and shorten the life of your gear.
  7. The N.F.P.A. 1851 recommends annual Advanced Cleaning and Advanced Inspection of all issued bunker gear.


Medical studies indicate that firefighters have a much higher risk of contracting cancer than the general population. In their profession, firefighters are constantly exposed to many harsh chemicals, carcinogens and toxins. These contaminants penetrate the protective clothing and are eventually absorbed by the skin. The most permeable piece of protective equipment is the hood. Hoods are designed to protect the head and neck from heat but aren't designed to stop skin absorption through the forehead, angle of the jaw, the neck and throat. Long term exposure to such contaminants poses a greater risk to their health. If turnout gear isn't properly maintained, exposure is much greater and more constant as toxins become absorbed in the body. A comprehensive cleaning, decontamination and inspection program for turnout gear on a regular basis can minimize these health risks.


  1. We have over fifteen years of experience in the proper processing of specialized garments, cleaning, processing and alterations.
  2. We are a Third Party Verified l.S.P. (Independent Service Provider) by lntertek. We fully comply with the current N.F.P.A. 1851 Standard, ensuring that all gear will be properly cared for.
  3. Local ownership and operation equals a faster turnaround time.
  4. We are factory-trained repair specialists.
  5. We have the trucks dedicated to transport bunker gear. Special pick-up services are available.
  6. We only work with factory authorized replacement parts and materials, i.e. fabric, hardware, thread, trim, etc.


At $1.50 Cleaners, we're proud to serve the firefighters in our communities. We understand, too, that the day-to-day operation of keeping compliant with N.F.P.A. standards can be overwhelming . Weather in the Rio Grande Valley can be unpredictable, especially during hurricane season. During these times, sending your bunker gear out of the Valley can be inconvenient and time consuming. Now you can be confident that your gear will stay here in the Valley and is only a phone call away. We know, too, that audits can be overwhelming and rather intimidating so we offer free audit support of any gear we process so you know you're covered. No other l.S.P. offers these services and conveniences. We're here for you and your department.

Contact us today at 956-683-8013 for more information about our excellent dry cleaning services.